Safety is the Core of What We Do

Our covers are designed to be installed 90% faster and without any tools – dramatically reducing time on location and the safety concerns associated with traditional insulation. With an impeccable track record - and an "A" rating from ISNetworld - NeoInsulation is setting the industry standard for safe insulation solutions.

Certified Safety Ratings

When working with a contractor, your team’s safety and your bottom line needs to be protected. NeoInsulation’s safety record is backed up by ISNetworld, a leading online contractor management platform that assesses and verifies safety records for internal and governmental compliance. We’re proud to say we’ve received an “A” rating. We’ve got you covered.

Fast Installations

Our product can be installed with a small team of people in just a few hours, reducing the risk of on-site labor injuries and other hazards

No Tools Needed

Our covers can be installed, removed and reinstalled without blades, cutting devices or power tools – protecting your team from injuries.

Fewer Health Risks and Hazards

Unlike traditional insulation methods, our product doesn’t expose workers to fiberglass or mineral wool insulation discomforts, skin rashes and inhalation hazards.

Minimized Environmental Risk

We dramatically reduce environmental exposure of leaks commonly caused by cracked valves and fittings due to freezing.