Why NeoInsulation?

Before, During Installation, After

NeoInsulation provides revolutionary, state of the art protective solutions for the oil & gas and industrial industries through its patent-pending insulation applications.

Because current insulation methods are inadequate, unsafe, and expensive, NeoInsulation focuses on improving operations in three areas: Efficiency, Safety and Sustainability.

Who We Serve

Oasis Petroleum
Chesapeake Energy
Pioneer Natural Resources
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  • Maintain Flow : Keep pipes, valves and fittings from freezing.
  • Protect and Seal : Hydrophobic material eliminates corrosion
    under insulation (CUI).
  • Eliminate Thawing Costs : No freezing means no steaming and rewrapping.
  • Reduce Labor Costs : No frequent taping and maintenance can cut labor costs by as much as 60%.
  • Save Money :NeoInsulation is removable and reusable, saving
    20-40% in operating costs verses methanol and fiberglass.
  • End Weather Anxiety : NeoInsulation is field tested to protect pipes down to -20° F and compliments all industry heat trace applications.


  • Easily Install : Because no equipment is needed to install NeoInsulation, we eliminate the need for using sharp, cutting tools (unlike our competitors), thus helping to reduce onsite accidents.
  • Protect from Heat Transfer : NeoInsulation safeguards your most valuable asset, your people, by protecting them from heat transfer (up to 2,000°F).
  • Reduce Exposure : Because your valves won’t freeze and leak, we dramatically reduce the environmental exposure of leaks caused by cracked valves and fittings.
  • Stop Waste : NeoInsulation also eliminates the typical waste of discarded fiberglass, plastic, aluminum or tin from constant re-wrapping.


  • Maintain Easy Access : NeoInsulation is easily removable and reusable allowing for easy access to pipes and valves for inspection, repair and maintenance.
  • Rely on Longevity : Unlike traditional insulation methods, our product outlasts and outperforms standard insulation products.
  • Reduce Maintenance : No freezing valves or corrosion leads to fewer maintenance costs associated with cracks and leaks.
  • Get Better Performance : NeoInsulation has an R-value nearly 7x greater than traditional fiberglass for every 1” of insulation.
  • Deal with Less Bulk : Our insulation covers are typically less than 1” thick.
  • Energy Savings: Save energy and reduce heat loss from wet
    insulation by eliminating gaps in traditional insulation coverings.

Our Process


Using data-driven insights coupled with on-site assessment by our trained field experts, we get a first-hand look at your needs.


Based on our assessment, we work with you to develop a customized action plan to solve your freezing and heat transfer problems.


Using field-tested best practices we’ve developed, we implement solutions for better efficiencies and bigger profit margins.


We work with you to sustain your competitive advantage by continually improving productivity, profitability and safety.

"Big Thanks to NeoInsulation. They saved me time and money on my wells because they didn't freeze up. Meanwhile, all other wells froze up (which had the old insulation on them). This was the hardest winter freeze Oklahoma has had in years. NeoInsulation's wraps stood up to the single digit temps allowing my wells to flow 100% of the time. I'll only insulate my lines with NeoInsulation from now on."

− Raul Garcia with QEP Resources